Humanity in Motion

Our Members

Tom Boder Printing
Norm Brusk
Sarah Cannella
Volunteer Coordinator
Barth Cotner Furneral Services
Bob Cottone
Financial Advisor
BJ Douglass Banking
Sam Fairchild Home Builder
Randy Holloway Investment Advisor
Tom Halpin
Public Health Physician
Marci Hastings Executive Director
Ken Hoover Commercial Hauling
Mary Hudson
Dan Keating Entrepreneur
Chase Kocher
Regional Manager
Alice Kramer
Craig Maxey
Advertising, Printing
Mark McDonnell Health Commissioner
Bob Munjas
Paul Poplis Commercial Photographer
Sommer Renaut Dealership Auto-Sales
Steve Roosa Water Treatment- Commercial
John Rosen Dentistry- General
Jennifer Schoenfeld Veterinary Medicine
Joe Schuer
Residential Remodeling
Bill Shorthill Retirement Planning
Denny Willeck Entrepreneur

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Local Projects

Mount Carmel Fitness Challenge
Our Club donates $1000 annually and volunteers to help support this Reynoldsburg Community Marathon Event.

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Rotary Minute